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 The Parish Church Of St. Peter Hall Green. The Revd Fletcher, who was the second Vicar, was very keen on The Boys' Brigade. The Revd Fletcher persuaded Mr. Michael Cameron to form a Company of The Boys' Brigade. At the time Mr. Cameron was responsible for a mixed youth group called the Young Pioneers. With the help of the 54th and the 94th Birmingham and the 1st Castle Bromwich Companies, a new BB Company was formed.

The first Parade Night was held on Wednesday 16th October 1968.

The 80th Birmingham was formally enrolled as a Boys' Brigade

Company on 25th November 1968. The Company meetings

consisted of Club Night on a Monday while Thursday was Parade

Night, with service, inspection, drill, PE, badge work and games.

On the last Sunday in each month the Company attended,

St.Peter's Church Service at 9.30 a.m.

The 80th Junior Section was formed in 1970 by Mr. C Nicholas an Officer with the 54th Birmingham Junior Section.  In 1977 Mr. Greaney took over as Officer-in-Charge of the Junior Section. The numbers soon reached over 35 Boys! Mr. Cameron retired as Company Captain in 1978 to be replaced by Mr Greaney.

In 1981 Mr. Townsend was appointed Officer-in-Charge Junior Section and Company Captain in 1982. Mr. Greaney became Officer-in-Charge Company Section and Mrs. Dickinson officer -in - Charge Junior Section.  Mr. Crockford who had served through all the ranks of the Company became Officer-in-Charge of the Juniors.  

In 1986 an Anchor Boys Section was formed by Mr. & Mrs. Baxter.

At first the Anchor Boys met at the same time as the Junior

Section, but numbers grew so much that this new Section moved

to it's own time on a Monday night. The Anchor Section grew and

with it did the Company. Mr Crockford was appointed Captain on

1st December 1986

The 80th organised our first Annual Camp in 1988 camping with the 83rd Birmingham Company, in the New Forest. The Brigade at St.Peter's was growing with the formation of the Girls’ Brigade in 1989. In 1992 for the first time all three Sections reached over 20 Boys.  In 1991 the 80th took part in the Battalion Band Contest for the first time. The Band also led the GB Divisional Parade at St.Peter's and took part in the Battalion Church Parade. Also, leading the Divisional Church Parade in 1992, 1993 and 1994. 

At the start of 1993, Mr. Nash moved to the Company Section. And with the formation of our AMICUS group (in 1996) Mr. Greaney became Officer-in-Charge of AMICUS. Mrs. Greaney moved to Officer-in Charge Company Section. The Company celebrated it's 25th Birthday in 1993 with a special celebration Company Concert.

Mr Crockford remains Boys’ Brigade Company Captain, whilst Mrs Greaney is Girls’ Brigade Company Captain and all sections continue to go strong.